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Colin M Strickland 1ac1bc20dc corrects rss link and adds goatcounter to index and post 3 months ago
debian release 0.2 3 months ago
scripts Compute deps for buildapp using sbcl 1 year ago
templates corrects rss link and adds goatcounter to index and post 3 months ago
tests removes plump custom tag handler for iframes 2 years ago
.gitignore ignore local.lisp 10 months ago
Makefile version number bump for new deb releases 6 months ago
asdf.lisp updated asdf copy 1 year ago uncommitted stuff from my working tree 1 year ago
config.lisp some new config variables 10 months ago
dates.lisp tiny test suite for correctness 2 years ago
files.lisp remove osicat completely for sbcl 1 year ago
handler.lisp fix tag duping 3 months ago
markdown.lisp use in-package not namespace :: 3 years ago
packages.lisp use .asd file to define the system 2 years ago
pconch.asd remove prove and test target 1 year ago
post.lisp correct html render bug with post heading 3 months ago
range.lisp OOPS: range defuns need to be in package 5 years ago
routes.lisp Authentication for routes 2 years ago
run.lisp ensure cache directory configs are set after local overrides 6 months ago
sbcl-compile.lisp re-enabled asdf load ahead of compile 1 year ago
util.lisp simplify csv-list, and fix several bugs 3 months ago